Woodlearner has moved to JOHNNYAWILLIAMS.COM

First, the bad news: I think that it’s time to terminate this little blog. It was a blast while it lasted, but my most recent update was over two years ago. So consider this post the last rites. But fret not Woodlearner-ites…all blogs go to heaven.

Besides, there’s good news too: I just launched johnnyawilliams.com, a sweet new site to promote my furniture business. There’s a proper portfolio of my latest work with plenty of pictures. Oh, and a bit of blogging too.

And now for two years of missed updates in six sentences: I wrote my last article for Apartment Therapy on finishing the red barn renovation! I moved to California to attend the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking program! I even spoke at graduation! I moved back home to Connecticut! I launched johnnyawilliams.com! I started using exclamation points!

In conclusion, all is swell. Thanks for your support. Be happy in your work. I couldn’t be happier in mine.

– Johnny aka Woodlearner


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