The Chronicles of Barn-ia

Winter may be long and dreary, but it needn’t make you hibernate. With fewer distractions (read: warm nights and cold margaritas), the grey season is prime time to tackle big projects. Late last year, my Mum and I did just that, hiring a contractor to renovate our old red barn into a usable workshop space. Months later, as we prepare to spring forward, I’m glad to share some pictures of our winter progress.

For those of you dying for more details of the renovation, check out my weekly “Woodwise” column on Apartment Therapy. So far, I’ve covered everything from buying a woodstove to framing the interior walls. Yes, I’ve been cheating on Woodlearner with a more popular blog (call it “blog-dultery”) — but that doesn’t mean I’m calling it quits here. Spring is shaping up to be busy season with many reasons to write!

Before the big clean

‘Da lumber delivery

Installing the beefy beams

Sealing the cinder block walls

Our stud-ly new framing

Upstairs laying the plywood subfloor

Prepping the barn for new siding


One Response to The Chronicles of Barn-ia

  1. BarG says:

    I found your blog some time ago and have been checking back ever since. And it just so happens I read Apt Therapy also, maybe that’s where I found the link, not sure. Glad to see you are still going strong. OK Woodlearner… you should keep at it.

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