My new old workbench

A month ago, I popped by my Dad’s to watch some Saturday morning footie. After the game (Arsenal wrecked Wigan 4-0), he told me of his plans to demolish a rickety old shed out back and asked if I’d like to dig around inside beforehand. It seems the previous owner was a cabinet maker and the weathered outbuilding was once his workshop. Expecting to find some old tools, I agreed – what I found was far better than any rusty hand plane. Sitting alongside one of the walls (I hesitate to call it a wall, because you could walk right through it), was a ten foot long work bench! My Pops had just assumed the bench, all covered in leaves and dirt and roof, was unusable. I took one look at it and fell in love with its roughhewn charm and splintery goodness.

This past Monday, my buddy Ben and I rented a pickup truck and hauled the heavy bench back to the barn. As it stands (or wobbles in this case) the bench needs a bit of work. I’ll have to build a new set of legs, detach the old vice (the only rusty treasure I found that day) and sand down the bench top. But as Ben said, if I’m not up to those tasks, I should probably find a new line of work. As he and I unloaded the unwieldy table off the truck, I caught a glimpse of what my future workshop will look like. I can only imagine how great it will look when my first equipment shipment arrives…tomorrow! Updates on that soon!

Other than drinking, this is my favorite vice.

This bench has mad soul yo!


4 Responses to My new old workbench

  1. Bitchita says:

    I have heard great things about handplaning the top. It yields a very flat top while sanding would have a good chance of leaving ripples. has several articles on that process. From what I remember, it’s a serious workout, so eat your wheaties.

  2. cbauch says:

    “other than drinking, this is my favorite vice.”

    love it.

  3. lucie says:

    Yeah, I’m a Wigan fan who saw that game and I am getting ill watching them slip. Also, good luck with the handplaning, you may want to post the 50 record albums you’re going to listen to while you do a 10 ft table. I’m interested to know if you’re happy with its current height?

  4. Shaun says:

    Is this blog still happening? I was so pumped!

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