I did it

johnny williams television entry stand

After an emotional week of all-nighters and hard goodbyes, it’s best if I let the picture speak for itself.

Back to packing up – I’ll post more pictures and details once I’m home.


7 Responses to I did it

  1. Chelsea says:

    This is so fabulous. I’m going to steal it. No…for real, I really am.

  2. Claudine Hubert says:

    Hi there, I just came across your table and blog through Apartment Therapy. Congrats on the piece, it looks fantastic. I feel really inspired by your experience – leaving your job and changing direction. Can I ask: how old are you? Also, how demanding is the 12-week program (in terms of late nights and so on). I have been looking into the school in Maine for myself.
    Am writing from Montreal.

    • Johnny says:

      Hi Claudine! Thanks for your support! The 12 weeks I spent at CFC this summer were maybe the best weeks of my life. We had a terrific group of students and the teachers were so encouraging. The hours are what you make of them…you can stick to a more basic design and have a less demanding schedule or you can really challenge yourself and stay to midnight every night. Our group was full of young folks trying to make a career of this and we put in a lot of late nights. It’s a great place…let me know if you choose to join the program, I’ll put in a good word for you!

  3. bigpapageek says:

    Wow! I also found you off of Apartment Therapy, and consider me impressed. Reading back through your posts there really was a great sense of growth. Now you’re making me want to go to woodworking school…

  4. Schwarz-Brot says:

    Same here! I love this piece, and I read every single entry of your blog as soon as I realized what you were doing there. I am still pretty impressed und would love to visit such a kind of school. But since I am from Germany this seemes (by now) to be a task out of reach. I Hope to read more about your doings soon!


  5. Terry Widner says:

    Hi Johnny ~ I ‘spose I ended up here from Apartment Therapy (article on veneering) and I wanted to comment on your cabinet. In spite of having no formal training in design (other than landscape), I like to patronize myself by thinking I have a ‘good eye’ for design. I seldom carry it out in my own work… but still maintain the ability to recognize it in others’.

    Having said that, your cabinet is a glaring success. It is well proportioned, the contrasts in wood tones are dazzling, and it reeks of originality. There is so much work out there (especially in wood turning and studio furniture) that utilizes ‘novelty’ to engender an ‘ART’ piece and most times it appears to me to be contrived. Somehow your piece escapes that… or transcends that. Anyway, just wanted to give you major PROPS on a very inspiring piece. I’ll be watching you. Regards.

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