Touring Tim Rousseau’s shop

tool cabinet

Tim’s collection of shiny hand tools

At the summer’s start, my classmates and I fumbled our way around the workshop under the watchful eye of local furniture maker Tim Rousseau. Alongside Brian Reid, Tim taught the two week “basic woodworking” module of our 3 month course, patiently guiding us through machine safety, tool sharpening, lumber selection, hand-cut joinery and finishing. In need of some Tim time, we drove to Appleton for a tour of his quaint country workshop.

rousseau workshop

Brimming with natural light!

rousseau jointer

Examining Tim’s Italian jointer/thicknesser/slot-mortiser combo

With a few months of woodworking under our belts, we could genuinely appreciate the flow and flexibility of his shop’s layout, the caliber of his refurbished machinery and the humble nature of his craftsmanship. Plus, the dude keeps some big pigs!

rousseau pigs

Bacon anyone?


One Response to Touring Tim Rousseau’s shop

  1. Gina says:

    That’s not Pierre the pig, is it? He broke out of his enclosure while we were shooting at Rousseau’s place last year… see pix at hte bottom of this post:


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