Half-empty, half-full, half-blind

half blind dovetails

Half-blind dovetails and my mitered web frame

It’s been a week of ups and downs on campus; while we’re slowly forging ahead on our carcass construction, our mistakes are surely adding up. Yesterday, one student struggled with a set of misaligned mortises, while another cut off a tenon entirely. I eventually completed the half-blind dovetails connecting the two sides of my table with its back slab…but only after taking the router for a joyride down the sides of my pins.

It’s easy to grow pessimistic as your piece comes to embody each of your errors. But coping with imperfection is a woodworking survival skill. The key to remaining optimistic isn’t dropping your standards, but keeping your goals realistic. As we’ve come to say around the shop, it may not be perfect, but it’s perfect enough!


2 Responses to Half-empty, half-full, half-blind

  1. Tom says:

    lovin’ the blog…keep it up Johnny

  2. janet says:

    following your experience is great fun, the blog is great,,,as well as the photos

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