Bench-town rock!


Jonah, Vick & Austin being awesome

Late last week, we gathered our benches and stools as “inspiration” for the students of an incoming two week introductory course. With our work elegantly displayed, we tried to play it cool, but ended up giddy and snap-happy at what we’d accomplished together over the past three weeks. As you can see, while we all were given the general parameters of (1) dovetailing two legs to a top and (2) incorporating a stretcher using through tenons, each piece achieves it’s own unique statement and style. Working with such a talented and encouraging group, I personally feel more inspired than ever.

jonah and john

Jonah & John’s pieces


Clockwise, starting with mine, then Ricardo’s, Trudy’s, & Vick’s

more benches

In the foreground, Shayn’s, then Matt’s and Bill’s


2 Responses to Bench-town rock!

  1. Sara says:

    Nicely done. Were you inspired by the sea?

  2. janet hogan says:


    your bench looks great up against the others…very creative with the handle….(reminds me of some of the benches Lorraine used to bring back from England)….Fabulous

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