The mortise and the hare


This morning’s lesson was in mortise and tenon joinery. In order to christen our freshly sharpened chisels, our teachers had us construct our joints old school, almost entirely without the use of time-saving machine equipment. The only exception was a stint at the drill press, which we used to hollow out a portion of the mortise. Asides from being a honest introduction to our tools, hand cutting joints gave us an opportunity to fiddle with our new work benches…or, if you’re like me, cut your hand.

Yes, I was the first student to draw blood. In fact, I was the first to draw blood twice. First, I was polishing a quarter inch chisel on a wet stone and I ended up grazing the corner of my finger tip. Then while I was cutting down the shoulder of the tenon, I nicked the side of my pointer finger with my chisel. Note to Johnny: after sharpening the blade of your chisel, the sides get quite sharp as well. As a solution, teach says you can just sand down the sides a bit. Now, according to CFC “rules,” I’ll be purchasing the class donuts tomorrow for cutting myself. If they’re lucky I’ll get them munchkins.


The tenon


The mortise


2 Responses to The mortise and the hare

  1. Sara says:

    Your mom is probably freaking out right now by the fact that you keep drawing blood. I almost took my finger off using Kaleem’s electric saw. Those things are intense. Anyhow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I added your blog to my “blogroll”.

  2. Dave says:

    Mortise and tenon joinery is the shit! It’s the basis for all fine furniture and completely undetectable from the outside so almost a waste of time if you’re looking for that type of praise. But dowels are for pussies, and we know how you feel about pussies.

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